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Urbana City Council to vote on Taser purchase

By Fatima Farha

February 2, 2015

After several months of discussion regarding the purchase of Tasers by the Urbana Police Department, the Urbana City Council will take the matter to a vote on Monday.If a majority of council members vote in favor of the ordinance, six Tasers will be purchased and their use will be overseen by the Civ...

Q & A with Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel

Q & A with Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel

By Alexander Vassiliadis

April 9, 2014

For the electronic-rock duo Phantogram, 2014 has been a long-awaited return to promoting an album release.  Nearly four years after their 2010 debut album, “Eyelid Movies,” the band released “Voices” as their most recent full-length studio album on Feb. 18. It quickly made its way to the numbe...