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Jenna Marbles brings the internet to real life

Jenna Marbles brings the internet to real life

April 16, 2015

Just as Clark Kent transforms into Superman, Jenna Mourey dons her false eyelashes, sardonic wit and pint-sized pooches to become Internet legend Jenna Marbles. Marbles has built an online empire based on YouTube videos, Instagram posts, blog and vlog posts, and most recently, a podcast. With her mini ...

Capture the essence of Christmas spirit

By Simran Devidasani

December 6, 2013

We pulled out the tree from the garage once again — even though this time I wouldn’t be here to decorate it. The familiar scent of rubber sparked faint memories of last year’s Christmas — our first real Christmas per say. I moved from Bombay, India, to America at the age of five. Therefore, at th...