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A public disapproval of privatization

By Daily Illini Editorial Board

March 30, 2015

In 1868, the University of Illinois was founded as a public university with the help of land grants, which aim to provide affordable education for the people within that state. We have evolved through almost 150 years, but we have always remained a public institution that leads the nation in interna...

Becoming Clara of “The Nutcracker”

Becoming Clara of “The Nutcracker”

By Shalayne Pulia

December 4, 2014

Ginny Martinez’s hand shot up before she knew what she was doing. The slender dancer, perpetually composed, had volunteered to dance for the last audition spot for Clara in the annual Champaign-Urbana Ballet’s “The Nutcracker.” Mature beyond her 15 years, Martinez said it was a dream role, an...

University stunt and tumble more than fun and games

University stunt and tumble more than fun and games

By Eliseo Elizarraraz

February 19, 2014

Tucked in a corner of the ARC’s east gym, the Illini Stunt and Tumble team gets to work early on a Sunday morning. There’s no pom-pom waving, no alligator cheers; here, there are battered knees in protective braces, acrobatic stunts and an aura of competition that isn’t new to the sport of cheerleadi...