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Many Voices strives to talk about campus diversity

Chancellor Phyllis Wise introduces the first speaker in the Many Voices series, Erin McConahey, last Thursday. Erin McConahey discussed unconscious bias and how welcoming diversity can benefit society as a whole.

By Darrah Perryman

March 12, 2015

Six lectures. Six speakers. Six conversations on diversity. This is one answer to the diversity problem that some claim the University has.At a time of heightened racial tensions, the Many Voices series brings six speakers to the University who will discuss their experiences with diversity in their...

Alpha Xi Delta sorority prepares for new house

The new sorority on campus, Phi Sigma Sigma, will be moving into the FIJI house in Fall 2014.

May 7, 2014

For five years, Alpha Xi Delta sorority has occupied the house at 1004 S. Second St. next to Frat Park. Next year, they will be living in a new home, formerly the home of Phi Kappa Sigma, on Fourth and Chalmers streets. And the fraternity that usually occupies Alpha Xi Delta’s current house, Phi Si...