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U.S is entering a new era of space travel

By Paul DeLutio, Columnist

August 9, 2016

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Failure can often be channeled and used as a powerful motivator, and after four previous failed attempts, the private space exploration company SpaceX has reached a huge milestone for space travel, successfully landing one of its Falcon 9 rockets aboard a drone barge in the middle of the Atlantic. Deliv...

Community members reflect on mission of Mars One

Community members reflect on mission of Mars One

March 17, 2015

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It sounds like a movie plot, but the team at Mars One isn’t joking around. The Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp founded the mission in 2011 with a goal to make a permanent human settlement on Mars by 2025.  The only catch is the team won’t be coming back to Earth.  According to its “road map,” the...