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University researchers develop technology to better diagnose middle ear disease

By Caeli Clearly

August 19, 2015

A team of researchers in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, ECE, have developed a new technological device that will enable physicians to look through the eardrum to better visualize middle ear disease.According to the Mayo Clinic, middle ear disease, or an ear infection in the middle ear, is caused by bacteria or virus and while it is treatable, can be painful due to inflamm...

Current Saturday Night Live season refreshing, humble

January 29, 2014

Live from New York, Saturday Night Live is on top of its game. The 39th season of SNL is fresh and vibrant. New cast members mixed with well-selected hosts are enhancing the show. That said, there are some kinks in the show. At times, it seems as though half of the sketches are redundant talk shows. Too many tim...