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Star of “Catfish” cautions Illinois students to be safe when online dating

By Daniel Corry

September 23, 2015

Years ago, Nev Schulman believed he was in a relationship with a 19-year-old woman. When the couple finally met in person, Schulman learned the person he had been talking to online was actually a 40-year-old  mother. Schulman was “catfished,” an experience that led him to create his own TV show ...

Referendum opens today with bike fee proposal

Thane Fowler, Sophomore in General Studies, president of BikeFace fixes bicycles on the main quad to raise fund for making human power nut grinder on Oct. 23, 2013

By Estefania Florez

November 12, 2014

Students can answer a proposed $1 student-initiated bike fee referendum question online from Wednesday to Thursday at midnight.  Grace Kyung, graduate student in urban planning, proposed the $1 fee to be required of students each semester and to be spent on bicycle-related projects. According to the r...