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of Montreal brings the funk, leaves it all on stage

Kevin Barnes, frontman of the band of Montreal, performing at The Highdive in Champaign on Wednesday, September 9.

By Lillian Barkley

September 10, 2015

Tweet: Missed last night's of Montreal show? Check out the review!Of Montreal performed at The Highdive on Wednesday with Surface to Air Missive as part of the Pygmalion Show Series, and it was a steady progression of intensity that was as much performance art as it was musical talent.Surface to Air Missiv...

of Montreal Q&A

Kevin Barnes, 41, is the lead singer and songwriter for of Montreal. of Montreal will perform at The Highdive on Wednesday as part of the Pygmalion Show Series.

By Lillian Barkley

September 7, 2015

Thirteen is well-known as a cursed number, and on of Montreal's "Aureate Gloom" — their thirteenth full-length album in 18 years — the darker aspects of life are expressed and examined. Of Montreal will perform with Surface to Air Missive at The Highdive on Wednesday at 8 p.m. as par...

Community events to get involved in

Jason Finkelman performs in front of Ten Thousand Villages in Champaign at the Boneyard Arts Festival on Friday.

July 26, 2014

It can be easy to fall into the same pattern during your first year of college. You’re new to campus and most likely can now get into bars for the first time in your life. While the bars are fun, you don’t want to forget that there is a community here beyond campustown. Champaign-Urbana offers ma...