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Who watches ‘Watchmen’? Pastor David Wilkerson

By Sujay Kumar

March 13, 2009

Kumar's Journal: March 7, 2009 Solo cups on street this morning, crushed cans and shattered bottles next to sewers. Broken railings on ground. Unofficial was a choice. They followed the parade of leprechauns and cheap booze through Green Street. Now the nation is about to go up in flames, and we're standing holding...

All-time best sports movies: the ‘real’ list

By Rich Mayor

March 12, 2009

I was aimlessly browsing's Page 2, when I came across a link to their "Top 20 Sports Movies of All-Time" - this is a list I've looked at before, probably numerous times, and I was a tad disappointed in it now that I've "matured" a few more years. It inspired me to deliver my own personal ...I was aiml...

Ayers visit not a travesty, but an opportunity

By Chelsea Fiddyment

March 12, 2009

Ever since the initial mention the DI made back in November about Bill Ayers coming to visit, the campus and the Champaign-Urbana community - and the Chicago Tribune, and a decent-sized chunk of the Internet - have been debating it. People can protest all they like, of course. None of it kept Mr. Ayers ...

Lawyers have ethics? You bet they do

By Scott Green

March 12, 2009

"Legal ethics" is not an oxymoron, and if anyone feels differently, I will file a frivolous lawsuit against you. I learned about legal ethics to prepare for last Saturday's Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination, a standardized test that most states require lawyers to pass. I had to study ...

Grossman should heed the paths of sub-par Chicago performers before him

By Allyson Kloster

March 11, 2009

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman will talk with Cincinnati Bengals management on Thursday about becoming their backup QB. If that doesn't pan out, word on the street is that the Detroit Lions may be interested in him. As Grossman looks to rebuild his career and save his reputation, he c...

Gay is not the new black: There is a difference

By Paul Cruse III

March 11, 2009

Gays have been constantly ridiculed, discriminated and oppressed throughout history. In modern America, we have made some great strides in giving gays the same rights as "everyone else" but even with the progress we have made, they are still seen as second-class citizens. Gays cannot enter the milit...

Insure America’s newest entitlement by talking to Massachusetts

By Lynne McMillan

March 11, 2009

Now that we have (not quite successfully) nationalized the banking system, the housing industry and the automotive industry, we are ready to tackle the next critical "entitlement" for Americans: health care. Not so fast. Isn't it a bit of an oxymoron that health care is suddenly an entitlement, yet the...

Olympic baseball not needed with the emergence of the World Baseball Classic

By Dave Fultz

March 10, 2009

This year is a very important one for the future of baseball and its exposure on the international stage. First off, and most importantly, the second World Baseball Classic is already under way in four cities around the globe. And later this year, the International Olympic Committee will hold a vot...

Don’t do drugs! Sell them instead

By Scott Cohen

March 10, 2009

With midterms here to welcome us back from a sea of green, it appears that the time has come to start taking schoolwork seriously again. And in order to kick-start our brains into productive study habits, our coffee consumption increases exponentially. Recently, I asked a friend of mine if he'd like to j...

Dear President Medvedev: a letter from Obama

By Jordan Harp

March 10, 2009

Last week, it was reported that President Obama sent a letter to President Medvedev of Russia last month. No one knows what the letter said, so the following is what it should have said. Dear President Medvedev, I'll address this to you because you are the one who is listed as being in charge in Russia,...

Forget midterms, March Madness is around the corner

By Ryan Dixon

March 9, 2009

Do you feel it? It's almost that time again. The most magical, wonderful time of the year. You guessed it. Midterms. I know I enjoy this time of the school year. Heck, it's not like grades matter now anyway. I'm not going to find a job in this journalism market. What I'm getting at is simple - forget study...

Board of Trustee members should be elected

By Jerry Vachaparambil

March 9, 2009

They control a $2 billion budget, tuition and fees, campus property, University policies and basically everything else that officially happens at the University. Yes they can! If you've read newspapers anytime during the past couple years, you've probably heard about these elite folks wielding immeas...

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