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Dismay over pension legislation

April 22, 2014

Faculty are already dismayed by pension reform legislation that is likely to prompt a brain-drain come summer.  Chris Kennedy’s remarks about how faculty ought to take action add bewilderment to dismay. Why are faculty not “up in arms, walking out of the classroom protesting?” That’s only a step...

14 Top News Stories of the Fall Semester

One pedestrian is dead following an accident on Lincoln Avenue on Wednesday morning. Spandana Mantravadi, the other pedestrian injured in the accident, suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

By Miranda Holloway and Claire Hettinger

December 17, 2013

1 | Love legalized The state legislature passed the same-sex marriage bill on Nov. 5. Gov. Pat Quin then signed the bill, making Illinois the 16th state to allow a man to marry a man and a woman to marry a woman. 2 | Pension reform passes On Dec. 3, the state passed legislation to reform the pension...