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Foreign film “Ida” makes statement at Ebertfest

By Jack Heyden

April 19, 2015

“Ida” was one of the most acutely-shot films of the year, and its achievement for Best Foreign Language film and nomination for cinematography were both well deserved. Set in 1962 in Poland, Ida goes to live with her aunt and learns the true story of her heritage. Her aunt, a sensual alcoholic, clas...

Illinois student’s quest to becoming a karate world champion

Illinois student’s quest to becoming a karate world champion

By Patrick Filbin

November 19, 2014

Inside a mirrored room at the Activities and Recreation Center, Alli Mack, a 19-year-old pre-med student, takes a kick to the side of her head. She stands five feet, five inches tall and is bouncing swiftly and decisively on the balls of her feet. Back and forth, back and forth. The steps make a pulsi...

Box Office Report: “Interstellar”

Box Office Report: “Interstellar”

By Jack Heyden

November 13, 2014

This was genuinely the greatest experience I’ve ever had inside of a movie theater.  Even though it was in IMAX, it still was the most emotionally and visually compelling film I have ever seen in a theater. The only other film I could think of that would rival the experience I had in “Interstellar...

Modern Greek Studies to screen ‘Twice a Stranger’ documentary

Esma — great grandmother of Sebnem Ozkan, outreach coordinator at the European Union Center — was a Turkish woman who was forced to flee Greece with her five children.

By Brittney Nadler

May 7, 2014

Her name was Eleni, and she was just a toddler when she and her siblings fled Turkey barefoot with everything they could carry during the forced migration of the early 1920s. With her brother at her side, disguised as a girl so the Turks wouldn’t take him, they set off toward boats that were sent to...