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UI Police see spike in MDMA related charges on campus

By Jessica Ramos

April 30, 2014

The University Police Department is seeing an increase in charges related to MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy or “molly.” In the 2013-14 school year, there has been a total of nine charges relating to MDMA — six of which took place from Feb. 1 to April 13. In the past, police have typically charg...

Champaign mayor: ‘The goal is to keep people out of trouble’ on Unofficial

Don Gerard

By Angelica Lavito

March 5, 2014

With Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day coming up this Friday, The Daily Illini sat down with Champaign Mayor Don Gerard to discuss the event. The Daily Illini: What are your thoughts on Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day? Don Gerard: Whenever you have great numbers of people you’re going to have a few bad ...