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Students in the Illinois Outdoor Adventure Club pose for a photo during Quad Day on Aug. 26, 2018. Follow through on your commitments to different RSOs by following these tips.

Beyond the Quad: How to stay involved after the big day

August 21, 2021

There’s an old adage that goes somewhat like this — find three hobbies: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative. A time-tested template for a fulfilling life. Everyone...

Students wrestle around during Quad Day. August 21, 2016.

RSO presidents speak out about leadership experiences

By Abby Paeth, Features editor August 27, 2017

Walking into Quad Day as a freshman can be a very overwhelming task. Hundreds of booths line the sidewalks of the Main Quad, each one representing an entirely different organization on campus. Sorority...

The Illini synchronized swimming club practices a routine titled He No Me Lilo at the ARC indoor pool Sunday in preparation for its Moms Weekend show.

Synchronized swimming club team to show off bond at Moms Weekend performance

By Ashley Wijangco April 5, 2016

Last school year, freshman Andrea Hayden MGwas browsing through Illinois’ Class of 2019 admitted students Facebook page when a post caught her attention.Hayden, a synchronized swimmer, came across a...

Why it's never too late to join an RSO

By Mara Shaprio August 19, 2015

For many upperclassmen, Quad Day is a day for freshmen to join clubs on campus. If anything, they will just stop by to grab the free food and coupons. But for Jessica Lee, senior in AHS, her last Quad...

University RSOs gain followers through friendship, school pride

By Maddie Galassi August 19, 2015

The University has a reputation for being an extremely large, diverse campus, and their RSOs follow the same trend. But what distinguishes an organization from gaining a small or large following? And...

Quad Day by the numbers

By Emily Scott August 19, 2015

Gryphon PollAround 20,000 people are expected to attend Quad Day.There are over 1,000 registered student organizations at UIUC. Almost 700 RSOs will be represented at Quad Day. Around 600 tables...

Unique RSOs offer alternative workout option

By Lillian Barkley August 19, 2015

Among the performances on Quad Day, two athletic RSOs tend to garner more whispers and sideways glances. Illini Pole Fitness and Bellydance UIUC members will take the stage on Aug. 23 in an effort to draw...

Illinois Isaiah Martinez attempts to bring down Nebraskas James Green during the wrestling match vs. Nebraska at Huff Hall on Jan. 23. The Illini lost 22-9.

Illini columnist: A message for the people of Quad Day

By Kevin McCarthy August 17, 2015

If your Quad Day experience is anything like my Quad Day experience, the crowd of eager and electrified freshmen will soon become a mass of overwhelmed, sweat-soaked students being pushed through...

Skin cancer survivor, Kaitlin Johnson, proudly presents her surgical scar and melanoma awareness tattoo in recognition of Melanoma Monday.

Moving past melanoma

May 4, 2015

In October, Kaitlin Johnson got a tattoo. She stood patiently as the tattoo artist inked delicate orange and blue flowers connected by a green vine around her leg. The needle hurt, of course, but she was...

Illini Pole Fitness hosts third annual Halloween Showcase

October 26, 2014

On Sunday, Illini Pole Fitness will host its third annual Halloween Showcase. This event is not only meant to feature the various Illini Pole Fitness performers, but to also spread some Halloween spirit....

Members of the Universitys Belegrath Medieval Combat Society practice on the South Quad on Monday evening to prepare for the RSOs frequent battles and tournaments.

Belegarth Medieval Combat Society links University students

September 9, 2014

Every Monday and Wednesday night, the South Quad becomes a fierce battlefield for approximately 100 students. Their medieval-inspired garb may confuse passing pedestrians as they travel past the battlegrounds....

Six steps to a successful Quad Day

By Mikayla Ostendorf August 22, 2014

Here’s a guide to get you through your first Quad Day — an experience not fully understood until you see it for yourself. Make the day uniquely your own by following these basic steps.  1. Wake up...

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