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Leaving for Leuven: a spring break abroad

Leaving for Leuven: a spring break abroad

By Lillian Barkley

February 3, 2015

I heard about the College of Media’s trip to Belgium during Mediapalooza, the college’s spring recruiting event for admitted students. Last year, I was a high school senior, trying to make a final decision on where I wanted to go to college. The idea of going out of the country for my freshman yea...

Alternative Seasonal Breaks send volunteers nationwide

Anwen Parrott, the public relations chair of ASB and junior in LAS, on an ASB trip to Catalina Island.

February 3, 2015

Many students picture their breaks from school on a beach, where they can relax and feel the sun on their faces. Anwen Parrott, an employee of Illini Media Company, public relations chair of the RSO Alternative Seasonal Breaks and junior in LAS, thought differently. Two years ago, she spent her freshman-year b...

Spring break playlist

By Compiled Hanadi Abunaim

February 3, 2015

1. Everytime We Touch - Cascada “It is peppy and upbeat to keep you awake for a long road trip.” - Anna Fowlkes senior, LAS 2. Rip Tide - Vance Joy “It’s an upbeat and fun song. It reminds me of summer time, and spring break is close enough.” - Mariela Noyola junior, Business 3. I’m A Cuckoo -...

International students use school breaks for travel

Zhaoru Chen, sophomore in Business, on her trip to Costa Rica on last year's spring break.

By Jaini Shah

February 3, 2015

Some students travel over spring break, while others volunteer or work. Some stay at home, relaxing and watching TV or hanging out and catching up with family and friends. But for the nearly 10,000 international students at the University who may be thousands of miles from home, spring break offers a ch...

A guide to the perfect ‘staycation’

By Hanadi Abunaim

February 3, 2015

I think that one of the last things that comes to the mind of every student when they think about the perfect vacation is staying home. Even though it’s hard to imagine staying put over spring break, a “staycation” can be just as rewarding as traveling, as it gives you a comfort like no other. ...

Spring break allows for time with family

Claire Hettinger and family near the Mendenhall Glacier and Waterfall near Juneau, Alaska, during their vacation in 2012.

By Claire Hettinger

February 3, 2015

College is seen as the time to escape families and be independent for the first time. But what does this mean for the people who care the most about students’ well-being, but are oftentimes excluded from this new life? Parents and siblings are often left behind, and distance can disrupt strong, happ...

Students should use caution while traveling

By Victoria Snell

February 3, 2015

Spring break is a time for fun and relaxation. However, sometimes the fun overshadows important precautions that, if ignored, can put a damper on a vacation. The U.S. Department of the State advises travelers to enroll in their Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, which allows individuals to stay updated on s...

Go green and spring clean on a budget

Vinegar, salt and toothpaste are a few examples of common household items that can be used for spring cleaning purposes.

By Bridget Hynes

February 3, 2015

As spring break approaches, there is no better time to plan a spring cleaning session than before leaving for break. Natural, homemade cleaning supplies can be an environmentally friendly option for students on a college budget. Heidi Wilcox, field specialist at the University of Massachusetts' Lowel...

Apps, books and gadgets: A traveler’s packing list

The Wizcom Reading pen will translate text written in another language to English.

By Christina Oehler

February 3, 2015

Despite the winter weather, students will soon have a light at the end of the tunnel: spring break. With a week-long vacation just around the corner, students have just enough time to put together the perfect packing list for the ultimate spring break trip. Once the basics are packed — appropriate cl...