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Budget impasse hits Parkland College

By Ashni Ghandi

March 9, 2016

The state budget impasse is proving increasingly troublesome for the Parkland College faculty, staff and student body, and the college's theater department may be experiencing the negative effects first.With $566,989 cut from the budget and 46 faculty positions eliminated, Parkland has been forced to el...

UI revenue makes difference in state budget standstill

The University is still standing strong in the midst of hundreds of closures — including universities, government programs and resource centers — due to the state budget impasse. President Obama addressed the Illinois legislature Wednesday stating his disappointment with bipartisan conflicts.

By Samantha Jones Toal

February 10, 2016

Chicago State University students and faculty protested the lack of a state budget Monday in downtown Chicago’s Loop.According to the Chicago State Office of Budget and Resource Planning, the university receives approximately one-third of their funding from the state; without the state funding that...