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Theater groups take part in Quad Day, offer something new to try

By Carly Charles

August 22, 2014

With the surplus of Frisbees, T-shirts and flyers that students receive on Quad Day, the variety of groups and organizations that are available to speak with are countless. But one special type of organization presents students opportunities that may not be available in other organizations: theatre com...

Phone app offers a change-free way to pay for parking

April 7, 2014

No quarters? No Cash Key? No problem. Drivers on campus can rest assured that the phone-based pay system for parking meters, Pay By Phone, is here to stay and may even be available in the coming years in off-campus locations in Champaign, and Urbana as well. In 2010, cellphone-activated payments were...

House vs. apartment: the pros and cons

House vs. apartment: the pros and cons

By Bridget Hynes

February 11, 2014

For upperclassmen, the decision to live in an apartment or a house can be a difficult one. There are numerous factors students have to consider, such as how much you are willing to spend on rent, if you plan on holding big social gatherings, and more. Below is a list of some of the benefits and downf...