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Clinton's College Compact Plan appeals to students with loan refinancing options

By Charlotte Collins

September 9, 2015

As the Democratic primary has progressed, Hillary Clinton has emerged as a leading Democratic candidate for the 2016 election. Historically, college students largely contribute to the Democratic vote, which may make Clinton’s recently announced college plan a key point of interest. When looking to...

Nic Dillon brings harmonium harmony to Midwest

Every instrument Nic Dillon purchases for resale goes through an extensive checklist of repairs. Two harmoniums sit on his work bench before he begins fine tuning and fixing.

By Brittney Nadler

February 5, 2015

Harmoniums can be difficult to find in the Midwest. That is, until nearly five years ago, when Nic Dillon began purchasing instruments from India and Africa to restore and resell. Now, Dillon sells his instruments through his business, Old Delhi Music, all from his residence in Urbana. The former Col...

Get the most of C-U on a student’s budget

By Sarah Soenke

July 26, 2014

It may be in the middle of East Central Illinois, but Champaign-Urbana has a lot going on. And with the twin cities being popularly termed a “micro-urban community,” the costs for many leisure and entertainment options are micro too, if not entirely free. So take a break from thinking about your newly acquired...