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Put away your selfie stick

By Minju Park, Columnist

August 9, 2016

During my spring break, I traveled to Istanbul to visit my brother who is studying abroad there. I really enjoyed having the experience of learning about a country that is so different from my own, and I found its rich and complicated history fascinating. However, my trip was speckled with a sight ...

UI offers Rosetta Stone to help international, study abroad students

By Samantha Jones Toal

March 10, 2016

Mareesa Nosalik, sophomore in FAA, is required to study Italian, French and German as a vocal performance major.When she found out the University offers free use of the language software program Rosetta Stone, she said she was thrilled. “I’m very excited to use this software because it’s difficult ...

University study abroad program looking to INSPIRE

The Nordiska Museum in Stockholm.

By Lilly Mashayek

February 10, 2016

Lily MasHayekstaff writerUniversity students looking to study abroad now have the opportunity to partake in an award-winning international program.The University’s INSPIRE program, a transnational partnership between the University and three research universities in Stockholm, Sweden, has been awarded the 2016 Andrew H...

Despite changes, ARC scuba clinic floats on

Brad Knop, scuba instructor at the ARC and the Midwest SCUBA Center in Champaign, is gearing up to lead the three two-week sessions for scuba diving offered this spring.

By Susan Szuch

February 9, 2015

 As a three-year-old boy watching the TV series, “Sea Hunt,” Brad Knop became fascinated with breathing underwater. “It was on every week, and Lloyd Bridges was the diver in it, he was whom the plot was about,” Knop said. “I knew I wanted to be a diver, and he was my inspiration. ... That’...

Pack for a semester abroad like a pro

Pack for a semester abroad like a pro

By Shalayne Pulia

December 30, 2014

I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to have the chance to drop everything and find my way studying abroad in Europe. Now that my trip to Verona, Italy, is less than a week away, I figured it would be a good time to start thinking practically – packing practically that is. Notorious for an...

A helping hand abroad, at home

A child from Cape Flats finds enjoyment in playing with a tire.

January 22, 2014

“We’re fighting for the crumbs,” said Faeza Meyer, a resident of Cape Flats, a neighborhood that covers 32 acres within the city of Cape Town, known as the “slums” of South Africa. When I visited the area over winter break, I noticed that the houses are in close quarters to each other and compos...

Celebrating 50 years of education at sea

Celebrating 50 years of education at sea

By Alice Smelyansky

December 2, 2013

From learning art history in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to entering the media outlets of Cape Town, South Africa, the students, faculty and staff aboard the MV Explorer see the world while sailing down the Atlantic Ocean. With 20 to 25 disciplines incorporated into the curriculum, a 9,000-volume librar...