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Make the apartment hunt easy: Red flags and must-haves to watch for while on a tour

Jackie Koller, leasing coordinator at Bankier Apartments, shows juniors Thomas Lawless, College of Media, John Hadley, LAS, and Ryan Schaffer, major: animal sciences, a property located on Green Street.

By Jaini Shah

February 24, 2015

Whether a freshman, sophomore or junior, apartment hunting comes with its fair share of challenges, like finding a leasing company, budgeting for rent, finding roommates and paying utilities (all of which are just skimming the surface of this painstaking process). But according to Brittany Glenn, pr...

Jurassic Grill brings new era of burgers to campus

Jurassic Grill’s specialty, the  Brontosaurus Burger with Cajun Fries. The burger features two 1/4 lb. patties, one egg, ham, bacon, and any desired toppings.

By Lillian Barkley

December 2, 2014

Quality burgers in Campustown are not extinct, and The Empanadas House isn’t either.  Jurassic Grill on Green Street officially opened on Dec. 1, with a new menu and plans for the future. The space was previously occupied by The Empanandas House, and though the name has changed, the owner has ...

Learning the Lease

The Illinois Tenant Union, which is located on the third floor of the Illini Union, offers a variety of services to students who are living in apartments on or off-campus.

By Stephanie Kim

October 7, 2014

Like any textbook, reading a lease requires a set of skills to understand its technical language. But all hope is not lost for the lease-illiterate — the University’s Tenant Union provides free services to students who need help understanding their lease. “It is very difficult for someone who has no training ...

Students en route

Students en route

October 7, 2014

For many students, making the decision to live in a house or apartment can be challenging. Even more intimidating is the prospect of having to commute to campus every day. But just as on-campus living does, living off-campus has both its pros and cons. Jared Roberts, senior in LAS, has lived off-campus all fou...

When (and how) to settle landlord disputes

By Alice Smelyansky

February 11, 2014

We get it all the time – whether it’s the old woman who skimps you on tips because you look too fresh-faced, or your employer who makes jokes at your expense, people like to take advantage of you because of your age. But your landlord, who takes quite a hefty sum out of your pocket every month, ...

Studying abroad? Start browsing subleasing options

Studying abroad? Start browsing subleasing options

By David Rothmund

February 11, 2014

When Alla Krashevsky, junior in LAS, was notified she would be studying abroad in Granada, Spain, in August, she was teeming with excitement. But with plans to travel abroad, every study abroad student must make arrangements for things back home. Waiting until the last minute can become stressful, and ...