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Sacrificing her home for the homeless

Tommy, a guest at The Phoenix, strums his guitar in the recreation room of the drop-in center on Dec. 16.

By Sarah Foster

January 22, 2015

Melany Jackson looks across the room, her eyes observing the intimate community she created.She sees two men and a woman, drifting off on a red leather couch. She watches her virtuoso friend Tommy, strumming melodies on his acoustic guitar.She smiles. These are the moments that make her sacrifices seem...

Black History Month kicks off at UI

February 3, 2014

As February begins, so do a number of events on campus honoring the beginning of Black History Month. These events will cover a variety of topics through a number of mediums like forums, concerts and variety shows.   “This month is very comprehensive. We’re doing health stuff, we’re doing fun s...