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Diffr app lets users message as friends or anonymously

By Brittney Nadler

November 17, 2014

For the friend who wants to gossip without gaining a reputation, the roommates who want to remind each other to clean without the confrontation or the classmate who wants to vent without turning the group against them — a new messaging app, Diffr, makes it all possible. Diffr allows users within the sam...

At Face(book) Value

At Face(book) Value

By Alice Smelyansky

March 4, 2014

As of Jan. 29, according to Digital Marketing Ramblings, there are 1.23 billion people posting statuses, checking their newsfeeds and creating profiles on the website notoriously known for its addictive qualities: Facebook. But as prevalent as Facebook is today, not all are linked in to the site. Ha...