Green party’s midterm showings boost goals of three party state

Green partys midterm showings boost goals of three party state

By Staff Reports

The Green party gave a strong showing in the 2006 midterm elections and that has Green candidates more than pleased.

Gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney received 11 percent of the statewide vote as of press time – more than twice the minimum requirement to be considered an established party in the state. This means that the Green party will have less difficulty in getting on the ballot all over the state for the next election.

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“Illinois is no longer a two party state,” Whitney said. “This victory is not just for the Green party, but for the people of this state and the nation.”

Access laws in Illinois currently require third party candidates to collect 10 times the signatures that established parties must collect to be on the ballot.

Tom Abram, Green party candidate for the 103rd District of the Illinois House of Representatives, said that he believes the Green party has become a serious option for voters in Illinois. Abram received 11 percent of the vote as of press time.

“Commentators will have to stop referring to bipartisan politics and start referring to tri-partisan politics,” Whitney said.

Daily Illini Staff Writers Patrick Wade, Julian Scharman and Madeline Keleher contributed to this report.