County Board Briefs

By Kathleen Foody

District 1

Republican Chris A. Doenitz was reelected with 62 percent of the vote, defeating Democrat Bob Morrison who earned 38 percent.

District 2

Republicans Stan James and Kevin Hunt were elected. James was reelected with 51 percent and Hunt earned 49 percent. They were the only candidates for the district’s two seats up for election.

District 3

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    Republicans Brad Jones and Jonathan Schroeder edged out Democratic candidate Mary Ann Midden. Jones earned 39 percent of the vote and Schroeder was reelected with 31 percent to Midden’s 29 percent.

    District 4

    Republicans Steve Moser and Greg Knott defeated Democrats Brad Diel and Michael Talkington. Moser was reelected with 32 percent and Knott was reelected with 31 percent to Diel’s 21 percent and Talkington’s 16 percent.

    District 5

    Democrat Lorraine Cowert was reelected with 60 percent of the vote to Republican Arthur J. Westle’s 40 percent.

    District 6

    Democrats Tony Fabri and Matthew Gladney defeated Republicans Bruce Ratcliffe and Beckie Heller. Fabri was reelected with 32 percent, followed by Gladney with 28 percent. Ratcliffe and Heller earned 21 and 18 percent, respectively.

    District 7

    Republican Mark Randall was defeated by Democratic challenger Carrie Melin. Randall earned 39 percent of the vote while Melin earned 40 percent of the vote. Green Party candidate Kostas Yfantis earned 21 percent of the vote.

    District 8

    Democrats Thomas E. Betz and Ralph L. Langenheim were reelected, defeating Green party candidate Joe Futrelle. Betz received 41 percent of the vote, followed by Langenheim with 33 percent. Futrelle earned 25 percent.

    District 9

    Democrats Steve Beckett and Barabara Wysocki defeated Republicans John J. Farney and Stu Moment and Green party candidate Nicholas S. Mann. Beckett and Wysocki were reelected, earning 31 and 29 percent respectively. Farney earned 17 percent of the vote, Moment earned 13 percent, and Mann earned 10 percent.

    All information was obtained from the unofficial final county vote summary report posted on the Champaign County Clerk’s Web site,