Civil rights don’t extend to violence

In response to James Phillips’ letter captioned “Facebook Response Threatens Freedom of Expression,” (Jan. 16th) the author is partially correct in his statement that “even the most hateful remarks” are constitutionally protected. Our country and our campus are greatest when there is a plurality of opinions expressed, even if some of those opinions are completely revolting to most people.

However, the right to free speech is limited when that speech calls for violence.

The University – as both an educational institution and a governmental body – must be vigilant in protecting even the most hateful and vile statements of its students and citizens. If it is determined that the individual posting on Facebook truly intended for physical harm to come to the anti-Chief community, then this surely is cause for sanctions by the University.

However, the beliefs and statements of the individuals, whether racist or otherwise, must not be considered in such a disciplinary action.

Of course our campus needs to protect its members from violence, but in the process it must not censor our ideas or opinions.

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    Colin Bishop

    President, Student Chapter

    American Civil Liberties Union

    Senior in LAS