Disapproval at Chief editorial

Disapproval at Chief editorial

What compels the Editorial Board of the Daily Illini to say and do certain things? A few months ago when they suspended aspects of the “Opinions” page, I thought they were being too harsh on themselves. This time, they need to dig themselves a deep hole and hibernate for a few weeks.

Journalistic standards have all but vanished. It should be the job of college newspapers around the country to raise those standards. We have yet to be corrupted by the politics of mass media (at least to the extent that professional journalism has been.)

When the Daily Illini posts a full page article in its “Opinions” section, titled “The Chief should finally rest in peace,” and the ENTIRE Editorial board takes credit for the article, that’s just plain embarrassing. For each individual member of the Editorial board, for the Daily Illini and for the University of Illinois. Pure journalism should not be based on agendas, especially when it comes to an issue as highly disputed as the Chief.

Personally being a liberal AND anti-chief, whether I agree with the article or not, I cannot condone a wild abuse of power on the part of the Editorial board. Furthermore, they try to rationalize their actions by making up a “silent majority, those who are not committed to either side of the debate but desperately seek resolution.” I’d like to see a poll that proves there is such a “majority” of people, because most people I know agree with one side or the other.

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    I think most pro-Chiefers agree that it’s demeaning to know that when they send in letters to the editor, the editorial staff is scoffing behind pro-Chief backs. It’s hypocritical to criticize political and administrative abuses of power when the party criticizing takes part in the same practice.

    Mark Sherbin

    Senior in LAS