Poor planning for stadium renovation project

I for one would like to voice my extreme outrage at the actions of the University in moving the students to the north end zone for football. For three long years I have watched my beloved Fighting Illini seemingly lose almost every single game in dramatic fashion.

These games were worth going to because we had cheap seats for a good price. Throughout this down period we have remained loyal and have continued to show up at the games.

Our loyalty to the team has been betrayed. Now, with the ‘new’ stadium and the team looking competitive, the University is sending us a clear message: “We’d rather have more money.” There is no other reason why they would move us to the north end zone except the fact that they want to sell our former tickets for $60 a game.

In the north end zone we will barely be able to see anything going on during the game and will also be isolated from visiting friends/family during the game.

These teams represent our school and the players are our fellow classmates…one would think the University we pay thousands of dollars a year for can at least give us preferential treatment for watching our teams.

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    As a graduating senior, I suppose this doesn’t matter much to me anymore. I just hope the younger people realize and take action against this selfish and senseless act by the administration.

    Philip Gonski

    Senior in ECE