University needs to make decision on Chief now

I am pro-Chief, and have been pro-Chief long before I ever stepped foot on the UIUC campus. And I can find no point that is inaccurate in the DI’s “The Chief should finally rest in peace” editorial. In fact, it hits on points that are often ignored.

The Chief issue is not black and white. There are many points that need to be answered because the hard truth is this: Some people – some American Indian and some not – find the Chief offensive. Some people, some American Indian and some not – do not find the Chief offensive. Debating that point alone will result in never reaching a conclusion.

What the University needs to do is this: Make a decision. This issue has become far too much of a distraction and is taking away from the mission and purpose of our great school. The trustees need to make a decision and stick with it. Either keep the Chief and support him wholeheartedly or retire him.

One side will not be happy with the decision. Both sides need to move on. There are far more important matters the trustees need to be dealing with.

Jason C. Koch

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    Former Illini Media Employee