From the Editor: Why we did a housing guide: strategies for assured success

By Drake Baer

Spring Housing Guide.

What does that mean?

Does it even make sense?

Seems a little counter-intuitive.

Anyway, we as students are rarely trying to secure housing in the spring, unless you’re switching roomies.

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    However, we should all be thinking about housing, because if you don’t have it on your mind, you’re going to be living in a box.

    That’s where we come in.

    The purpose of this guide is to lead you through the trials of securing housing for the summer and also for the rapidly approaching year ahead.

    We’ve got some hard news for you.

    We’ve got whether or not apartment rates are inflated here in a college town. You’re going to read about the lifestyle of the venerated Fighting Illini football squad.

    You’ll hear about the memories of dorm life, and from the ubiquitous faces of dorm life, resident advisors.

    We’ve profiled the dorms and found out what’s going on there.

    We’ve found out the best ways to keep your sweet pad safe.

    Where you live on campus will shape your perspective of college life.

    The choice of living in Champaign or Urbana is difficult enough, let alone deciding whether to choose to live in the convenience of the dorms, the independence of apartment life or the wanton insanity of living with at least a dozen members of the same sex in one house.

    The choice is your’s, and your’s alone. As long as your parents pay for it.

    We must always find something to do, we 20-something wanderers.

    Before your existential nausea sets in from sitting around playing Wii all day, it may be a good idea to find something to do with your time.

    Summer jobs, internships and other things to do are covered in this issue as well.

    My plans for this summer, tentative as they may be, are to relax in the beautiful house that my friends and I recently signed a lease for, take a few classes, and play a ton of Final Fantasy XII.

    And I almost forgot, there is the Daily Illini.

    I’m sure that I will be spending an exorbitant amount of time in this very office building.

    I hope that you enjoy this supplement.

    I hope that it will indeed help guide you through the arduous process of securing housing.

    I think we’ve got a great product for your reading enjoyment.

    After you’ve read this, you shall make better informed housing decisions, for this year and beyond.