Clarification on global warming, please

By Ari Sahagun

I’m confused. What’s all this hype about global warming and climate change? Isn’t this a pretty cold winter? I can hardly get to class without some appendage becoming numb because it’s so cold. I feel like I’m one among many that would rather have a warmer winter. I’d much rather be surrounded by palm trees rather than freezing after walking two blocks, and if I can do so without going to the tropics, that’d be even better!

Second, it’s not that warm anyway. How can they say that we are feeling the effects of global warming now when the low temperatures are below zero? It doesn’t seem that the globe is really warming or that many of the U.N.’s predictions will actually come true.

Third, it’s odd to me that so many people on this campus can’t tell what’s really happening about the so called “crisis.” This is a research institution and yet, there is still widespread disagreement on what is actually going on. Further, if this is a crisis, wouldn’t a leading research institution enact large-scale changes in response? This just doesn’t add up.

Ari Sahagun

junior in Sociology

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