What’s a white guy to do?

By Glenn Eikenberry

The only response I can think of to George Ploss’ most recent column is this question – what is a white guy to do? Ploss says that I’m either damned because I am a white guy in a privileged society or I’m damned because I am a legitimate racist who supports privileging whites. So how is a white guy supposed to act? Think? Go about his business?

I will not cry racism here, because there is far too much of that occurring, but when Ploss generalizes about white people’s opinions concerning affirmative action, among other things, then I truly am confused as to how to avoid damnation in an easy-to-offend climate of slippery slopes. It doesn’t make sense that mine or anyone else’s skin color has already determined our impact, position and viewpoint on this campus and society as a whole.

Glenn Eikenberry

freshman in FAA