Chancellor Herman to the rescue!

By Jessica Horn

On my to work at one of the few campus businesses open during the blizzard on Tuesday, I got my car stuck in the snow, twice. I was very lucky that friendly students and other strangers were willing to help push my car.

I turned into the parking garage on John St. and drove right into a huge snow drift. Two men immediately got out of their cars with shovels and started digging out my car. Other groups of people walked by and stopped to help. One student stated that tomorrow should be another snow day. The first man who had been helping me said, “You think I should cancel school tomorrow too?” It was the Chancellor!

Chancellor Herman had spent over 30 minutes shovelling snow and pushing my car. With the help of over 10 people and 40 minutes later, we got my car out of the snow.

So thanks to the University of Illinois community for being so helpful and especially to the chancellor for being such a good guy. And you all can thank me for getting my car stuck, because one hour later, the chancellor cancelled class for Wednesday citing that it had been “impossible to keep streets and sidewalks clear and safe.”

Jessica Horn

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    graduate student