What matters to alumni

By Brooke Miller

I was disturbed while reading the various letters from alumni in Monday’s DI regarding the retirement of the Chief.

I would like to ask the following of the alumni who are canceling their season tickets, canceling their alumni association membership, and vowing to never support the University again through monetary donations:

What exactly does the University of Illinois means to you?

My experience at the University of Illinois was more than just the Chief. The University was where I learned to live on my own, where I had my first serious relationship, where I met students from different cultures, where I learned how to read a bus schedule, and where I took classes that laid the groundwork for me to be successful in my chosen profession. I enjoyed studying on the Quad, getting to know my professors, being a TA, playing croquet and frisbee on the Quad, playing pool at the Union, and going out with my friends at night.

I had season football tickets all five years I was at the University. I love the Chief and I love watching the halftime performance. I am sad that the tradition is going to end, but I realize that the Chief was only one part of my college experience.

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    For my brother who is currently a sophomore and for all current and future students, I will continue to support the University, its sports teams, and its alumni association. I hope that all of the University’s alumni will remember their college experiences that did not involve the Chief and will continue their support so that U of I will retain its status as a top-notch university. As alumni, we cannot let the issue of the Chief overshadow our support of the University as a whole.

    Brooke Miller

    University alumna ’01, ’03