Mascot should be put back in the students’ hands

By Melody McDaniel

Since the Board of Trustees at the University of Illinois announced their decision to get rid of Chief Illiniwek, people are wondering about a new mascot for the school.

The mascot issue should not be one for the NCAA or the Board of Trustees to make at the University; rather it should be one for the students. Students have very little say on issues at the school and should have their chance to make a statement. Guidelines can be constructed by the Board of Trustees and the NCAA to help the students through this trying time.

I would like to remind the students of a situation that happened in Scottsdale, Ariz., in 1972. Scottsdale Community College was set up to be governed by the students; however, this did not happen and Administrators were appointed to make all decisions. The only thing left for the students was the decision to pick the school colors and a mascot. The students picked the colors of pink and green, and chose an artichoke for their school mascot in protest for their treatment. This mascot is known as Artie the Artichoke.

Students with this in mind: Choose your Artie!!!

Melody McDaniel

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