Poor handling

By Jennifer Mussman

I am very upset on how the banning of the Chief was handled by both sides, in reference to the article in the Daily Illini “University to end Chief Performance,” Feb. 16.

Chief Illiniwek has been a major part of the University of Illinois for 80 years; we even received Indian attire from the Sioux Indian tribe. “Eighty years ago, the University was given the tunic and leggings made by Sioux elder Frank Fools Crow for the Chief to perform in. Now those items have been returned, upon request of the Sioux tribe. Crow also gave us a headdress that was mailed back to Sioux Chief Anthony Whirlwind Horse in 1991.” (News-Gazette Archive Jan. 27, 2007)

Now in the year 2007, all of those things given by the Sioux Indians have been taken away. I feel the phrase ‘Indian Giver’ fits this topic perfectly. The University went through the right procedures upon having the Chief as our mascot. In no way did the University disrespect Chief Illiniwek. The University of Illinois had shown nothing but loyalty to the Chief.

Chief Illiniwek was more than a mascot to our school. He represented pride and honor, and received nothing but respect. You must be crazy to think that the U of I in any way disrespected the Indians and their culture. I think that those that took offense from our mascot should understand that the faculty, students, alumni, etc. respected the Indians and their culture. There is probably no way to get the Chief back, unless by a miracle some of the anti-Chief reconsider the circumstances.

Jennifer Mussman

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    sophomore in LAS