Tradition and shame

By Kevin Huston

I watched the Illinois vs. Michigan game last night where the Chief made his last appearance; what a tremendous tradition and shame all at once.

Only the “dignified” can turn such a time honored event into such a thing of shame, simply amazing. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who has eyes to see can immediately recognize the dignity and seriousness of this tradition. There is nothing but respect here and anyone who chooses to blind themselves to this does so only out of their own bitterness and politically speaking, cowardice.

The astonishing fact is this. The trustees have actually set themselves up as custodians of all past, present and future U of I attendees in such a manner to be recognized as the profoundly selfish group who thought not of anyone else but themselves!

The world is full of people pushing agenda for the sake of agenda, driven from perspectives that are not as they seem. It is wise counsel that stands in the face of such people and with respect for them says, “We appreciate your point of view but we see it differently. Our time honored tradition will not be mocked and we will continue to dignify the spirit of this proud tradition by bringing honor to this people through grateful recognition.”

This is what leaders do and this is what we expected out of our trustees.

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    They have betrayed many more people than they know; even alums from other Big Ten schools that I interact with are appalled at the silly cowardice of the U of I in the face of politically correct folly. There are many schools with mascots under attack that have risen to the challenge and fought for their deeply ingrained and rooted traditions, but not U of I!

    Please hear this letter with respect but also with the appropriate bite. I will no longer support the U of I with any financial resources personally or professionally until it decides to fight instead of turning to flight.

    Otherwise, perhaps we should be the “Flighting Illini” because I see no fight here.

    Kevin Huston

    University alumnus