Good Chief coverage

By Jason Baker

After four years of attendance at the U of I and almost a year as an alumnus, I find myself writing something I had a hard time doing for four years. “Great job Daily Illini!” Throughout my time as a student, I wrote constant letters to the DI opinion section in dissent of what I viewed as the ridiculous nature of liberal academia only to meet further resistance in my political science classes. My current beliefs could not be more different however. Your objective reporting and writing on the Chief issue has been spot on and caused me to reconsider your efforts. You could not be more right in your views that regardless of your thoughts on the Chief’s performances; the manner in which he was retired was anything but acceptable. To have a BOT Chairman act in such a way as a representative of this University is embarassing. An institution of Illinois’ caliber should not be subject to such blatent disregard for proper order and ethics in the face of personal goals and the goals of those pulling his strings. Do not let up on him DI! This time it was a time honored tradition and school identity. What future decisions for the school will be made in such a manner? I call on you to pressure those in power and demand accountability to the student body, faithful alumni and citizens of Illinois. Just like Chief Illiniwek stands for, you will continue to fight for honor and what is right and we should only hope our leaders could do the same.

Jason Baker

University alumnus ’06