Support city council candidates

By Justin Cajindos

Yesterday the Daily Illini published profiles of the six candidates running for three seats on the Champaign City Council in today’s election. When heading to the polls today, students should be aware that only three of these candidates are supportive of a pro-student agenda: Giraldo Rosales, Patricia Avery, and Annette Williams.

Only these three candidates believe that the city should conduct systematic inspections of campus apartments to ensure that landlords are providing a safe living environment for their student tenants.

The importance of this proposal was demonstrated last December when an apartment located across the street from the Six Pack had to be condemned because the furnace was emitting dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide.

Rosales, Avery, and Williams also support expanding the city’s recycling program to include residential apartments.

The city of Urbana offers recycling service to campus apartments, but the city of Champaign does not. Students living in Champaign who wish to recycle are forced to drive their waste across town to a distant recycling center.

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    Every year the Champaign City Council makes dozens of decisions that affect the daily lives of the student body.

    I urge readers to vote today for the three candidates who will be advocates for student interests: Rosales, Avery, and Williams.

    Justin Cajindos

    senior in LAS