Overreacting to essay

By Juanett Harris

In response to the editorial entitled “Common Sense Lacking in Violent Essay”, I am inclined to disagree. I do understand why his teachers were concerned, however I felt they overreacted by removing him from school, possibly having him fined and jailed. Instead they should probably confront his English teacher for giving them such a ridiculous assignment. After all his teacher told them to simply write what first came to their minds without correcting it, therefore he was opening the door to all sorts of thoughts and ideas. I am sure students have written essays similar to this one prior to the V-Tech shooting (like the shooter himself) and they did not receive this sort of punishment. So am I right to assume that we as students are no longer allowed to express ourselves for fear of being punished? They say that this should not ruin his life or career but it already has in a big way. It caused him to lose his contract with the Marine Corps!

Though school officials should not be afraid to react when there is a possible threat, they should make sure they are not overreacting as well.

Juanett Harris

junior in LAS