Unfair comparison

By Lisa Schneider

In response to David Green’s recent letter, I found his decision to describe Palestinian aggression as “desperate and futile … resistance” curious. In addressing this “resistance,” was Mr. Green referring to suicide bombings that result in the death of innocent men, women, and children? Or rather Mr. Green was referring to the decision of Hamas, elected to run the Palestinian government, to refuse to recognize Israel, abide by past agreements between Israel and the PA, and renounce violence? In any case, it saddens me that the Palestinian leadership is more interested in encouraging brutal violence and terror on Israel than achieving peace with it.

When I was in Israel, and talking to Arab Israelis who stayed in Israel during the war of 1948 (and are therefore now Israeli citizens), they were happy that they could live in Israel. Granted infinitely more rights than their Arab and Palestinian counterparts, these Israeli Arab men and women can vote in Israel, participate in media that can freely criticize the government, and can openly campaign and serve in the Israeli government. Clearly, there is no “brutal Israeli occupation,” but rather a democratic country that encourages all citizens to vote and enjoy the rights they are given.

Moreover, Mr. Green’s claims of “Israeli ethnic cleansing” just don’t stand up to reality. Israeli Arabs are active voters, politicians, activists, organizers of political parties, and serve in the Israeli Parliament, on the Supreme Court, in the Foreign Ministry, and some volunteer for the military.

Lisa Schneider

freshman in ACES

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    Israel Intern – JCRC/Hillel’s Israel Initiative