No. 29-No. 37

No. 29 “Go to KAMS at 8 a.m. for a football game and stay through the whole game,” said Sean Brady, senior in Political science.

No. 30 “Go to CO’s once. Not because its fun, its a cesspool, but go once time and just walk around. It’s frightening, but then you’ll realize how lucky you are that you never have to go back again,” said Lucas Deal, senior in Journalism.

No. 31 “Stay up until 4:30 a.m. and go to Mary Ann’s for a stack,” said Meredit Warden, senior in Journalism.

No. 32 “Free wine-tasting at Krannert. Every Thursday, they have a free wine tasting,” said Tim O’Shea, senior in LAS.

No. 33 “Stay here for the summer,” said Carrie Walbert, senior in Food science and human nutrition.

No. 34 “Figure out how much class you don’t have to go to and then don’t go,” said Stephanice Zawada, senior in Landscape architecture.

No. 35 “Performed on stage at the Courtyarrd Cafe,” said Becky Bloom, senior in English.

No. 36 “Trip and go to Allerton,” said Colin Bartlett, senior in English.

No. 37 “Streak the Quad. At least three times,” said Beck Diefenbach, senior in Aviation.