Column: Game time: Making Quad Day fun again

Quad Day can become repetitive.

As a freshman, it’s exciting to see all the clubs and organizations the campus has to offer. When else can you get a free plant from the Horticulture Club, watch a world class karate demonstration and decide to sign up for Greek recruitment all in one day?

So freshmen (or anyone new to campus) – go to Quad Day. It really is an experience to see the sidewalks of the Quad packed with people, and it will never be easier to find an organization that will cater to exactly what you want to do.

There are literally hundreds of clubs to choose from.

But for everyone else, after your first Quad Day, the grandeur wears off.

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    It’s crowded, it’s hot outside and you have already checked out the booths that were interesting last year.

    So what we propose as a solution to combat the monotony of Quad Day is to make it into several different games. So grab a few friends and make Quad Day something more than what it was last year.

    Game 1: The Facebook Friend-zy: Everyone likes getting a new Facebook friend request, and everyone has at least a few that you aren’t exactly sure who that person is or when exactly you met them.

    So for this game, separate from the rest of your friends and go meet people.

    Talk to as many people as you can, learn about some new clubs and end every conversation with a “You should Facebook me when you get home.”

    Twenty-four hours later, compare how many friend requests you earned versus how many friend requests the rest of your real friends earned.

    Game 2: All free, all the time: Most clubs have some sort of swag. Frisbees, cups, magnets, Bibles, candy, or Pop Tarts, they have to have something to hand out.

    Sure, the candy is usually stale and the Pop Tarts actually fly further than the Frisbee, but free is free.

    So shop like you’re retired and watching the Home Shopping Network!

    The more the merrier, and if you really want a challenge see how much you can get without signing up for each club’s mailing list.

    Game 3: Work hard for the money: Before you head to Quad Day, take the $2 you have left from the “book money” your parents gave you and lay it on the line.

    Pool the money together with your friends to see which one of you can work at a booth for the longest. But not just any booth, see who can work at a booth for a club they don’t belong to.

    Whoever can pose as a Shakespearean actor or a karate instructor the longest wins the money … and the glory.