Bible not an accurate source

By Joel Nordness

In response to Brenda Kay Zylstras article on Wednesday, Sept. 5, there are MANY reasons the Bible shouldn’t be used to teach from in public schools. For one, it is already taught from in church. Honestly, what value would a Hindu or Buddhist get from learning about the Bible? If someone wants to learn about the Bible, they would go to church. The main reason though is because the Bible contradicts science. It would greatly confuse children to learn that bats are birds, hares chew their cud, and some insects have four legs. All of this is just in Leviticus 11, and there are many more factual inaccuracies in the Bible. Because of this, while the Bible may be the best selling book of all time, I hope most would actually consider Principia by Isaac Newton the most influential book of all time. The development of calculus did more to increase our understanding of the universe around us than any passage in the Bible, and to deny this would be to spit in the faces of all of the great intellectual giants of the Enlightenment. Every piece of technology that is in use today is not because of the Bible, but because of the great thinkers of the Enlightenment and beyond. Besides, if the Bible was written by the literal hand of god, as some believe, one would think that he would at least be able to remember how many legs he gave the insects that he created. Heck, I guess even God had brain farts.

Joel Nordness

Senior in Engineering