Column makes false diagnosis

By Elizabeth Farris

In his column on Sept. 10, Justin Doran dismissed liberalism as a “pernicious ideology.” As a proud liberal (since before college, thank you very much), I was offended by Doran’s insinuation that we liberals do not take responsibility for ourselves and are simply a bunch of mindless followers of a strange cult and who have been brainwashed by the likes of Karl Marx.

This is simply false.

Liberals, like most other socially aware and active groups, strive to improve our society in the best way we see fit. While we may differ from other groups in how we think we must go about achieving our political and social goals, our motives are ultimately the same. And while I may disagree with Mr. Doran on policy, I imagine he is simply trying to act in the best way he personally sees fit. To Mr. Doran: critique our methods, debate us on policy, but please do not insult liberals by saying we are a homogenous, “diseased” mass of brainless drones whose self-righteous tendencies supersede our benevolent intentions.

Elizabeth Farris

Junior in LAS

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