Student announces local candidacy

By Walter Pituc

There are so many problems in the world: hunger, violence, global warming. You name it, the world’s got it. You might be saying, “Oh I’m just one person I can’t possibly do anything to change the world.” In the macro sense, yes, perhaps only a president could change the course of events with swish of her/his wrist, BUT if every individual puts in a little effort we can make a difference. There are numerous events in history that proved when people band together we can change the world. Grassroots movements during the Civil Rights Era put an end to segregation. The student protests of the 1970s were a grassroots movement that helped end the Vietnam War (and could help end our current immoral war). So long as there are people like you and me willing to stand up against the injustices in the world, grassroots movements will continue to spur effective change.

I want to make a difference and I can do just that right here in Champaign County. It is this reason why I am announcing my intention to run as the Green Party candidate for Champaign County Board in District 7.

I am proud to be a running on the Green Party ticket because it is the only party that does not accept any corporate money that often influences the votes of many of our politicians. If elected, I will use the Four Pillars of the Green Party that are common to all Green Parties across the globe to guide me: Grassroots and Participatory Democracy, Social Justice, Nonviolence and Ecological Wisdom.

I need your help in this effort. Our campaign – it’s ours because it truly will be a collaborative effort – will be a grassroots campaign based on volunteers and students like you. Together we can help curb urban sprawl and global warming by checking unlimited development, bring accountability and transparency to the county government, and most importantly empower you, the voter! Be active citizens! Vote, volunteer, run for office; you don’t need to be wealthy or connected. I’m a still a student, but that doesn’t preclude me from participating in my government.

All those interested in supporting our campaign can attend the next Campus Greens meeting this Tuesday at 6 p.m. in 140 Lincoln Hall. Together we can make a difference. Let’s take back our democracy!

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    Walter Pituc

    Junior in LAS

    Green Party candidate

    Champaign County Board

    District 7