The Pleasure of Finding Parking on Campus

By Jack Gould

I’ve been on this campus almost four years and there is one problem which not only has not improved, but has gotten worse as the student population has grown- parking on campus. It’s understandable that certain areas around Green Street don’t have room for more meters on the street, however, why if meters can’t fit on existing streets can the University not build parking garages like that at CRCE or at least free up the meters that are already available?

For example, the Undergrad Library is chronically short of parking, yet instead of freeing up and trying to maximize what few spots the library parking lot has, brown Champaign lunch bags cover almost half the spots. Are some VIP’s from the Champaign City Council or the University holding secret meetings in the library at 1 a.m. on Sundays?

As much as I liked my lunch in fifth grade, seeing those bags on the meters isn’t reminiscent of simpler days. Maybe a parking garage should be built or at least some lunch bags removed to save hundreds of students the risk of walking home late at night or getting sick before exams by walking home when the weather gets colder. The benefits are clear, more people would be encouraged to study away from their loud dorms or apartments, and late night crimes against students would decrease.

Jack Gould

Senior LAS

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