IDOT calls for passage of capital bill

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, the Illinois General Assembly returns to the State Capitol for the final three days of the fall legislative session. It is critical that members of the Illinois House consider the $25 billion capital program, Illinois Works. The Illinois Senate unanimously approved the plan that makes vital investments in our aging infrastructure and would put hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans to work.

For you Champaign residents, Illinois Works means $209 million for schools, roads and bridges, including these projects:

Interstate 74 interchange east of Urbana. This project provides $5.9 million for engineering of design, location and environmental studies.

Fourth Street and Hazelwood Road extensions. This project provides $6.3 million for the construction of a half-mile of roads for the expansion of Research Park at the University of Illinois.

Interstate 74 from Illinois 47 at Mahomet to 0.5 miles west of Interstate 57. This project provides $52.4 million for the construction of 7.15 miles of additional lanes and engineering.

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    $55.1 million for renovating Lincoln Hall.

    $16.91 million for constructing a post-harvest crop research lab at UIUC.

    $42 million for constructing an Electrical and Computer Engineering Building at UIUC.

    It’s been eight long years since Illinois benefited from a comprehensive capital program and we simply cannot afford to wait any longer. I urge the residents of Champaign to call your representatives today. Tell them to pass the governor’s Illinois Works capital improvement plan – now.

    Milton R. Sees, P.E.

    IDOT Secretary