Vote Ron Paul and get America out of Iraq

President Bush and Congress are in a dismal race to see who can lose the support of the American people faster. Depending on which poll you look at, 60 percent of Americans disapprove of President Bush. Unbelievably, Congress is even worse with disapproval nearing 70 percent.

The public recognizes the complete failure of the executive and legislative branches, but I fear nothing will change unless Ron Paul is elected president.

Ron Paul is the only Republican that realizes the problems in the Middle East cannot be solved militarily. In addition, he understands our massive military budget is weakening our economy.

The Democratic front-runners like to talk about change, but when pressed, admit they will keep us on the same path we are on now. In a recent Democratic debate, Obama, Clinton and Edwards all said they cannot guarantee our troops will be out of Iraq by 2013. Clinton voted last month to authorize the use of force in Iran. How can we expect change from these people when they do these things?

Ron Paul is the best hope we have to change our failed policy. Other Republicans want to forge ahead on our current path without considering the alternatives. Top Democrats talk about change but have admitted they will not deliver it.

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    If you believe our current exploits in Iraq are going well, or that future military operations in Iran are something we should be happy about, then do not support Ron Paul. Support any one of the other candidates who will keep us marching to war.

    However, if you realize we need to change our foreign policy, consider supporting Ron Paul for president. He alone will deliver the change we need.