The magic of the foamy soap is gone

By Glenn Eikenberry

Last semester, the University made a decision that drastically changed many facets of the campus.

Certainly, both students and faculty have had to acclimate to the transformation of the University, as antibacterial gel soap dispensers were replaced with sleeker, sexier foam soap dispensers.

Upon learning about this facelift, I was overjoyed.

But on further inspection of yet another decision made by administrators and not students, it is painfully obvious that the switch to foam soap dispensers in nearly all campus bathrooms is ultimately detrimental to the Illinois community.

As a child, being in an establishment that had foam soap dispensers was like striking shiny, yellow metal in a gold mine.

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    I would often go to the bathroom several times just for the sheer ecstasy of the rarity of foam soap. It was a treat.

    But now, thanks to Chancellor Herman, we are living in a veritable foam party with poor dining services and outrageous tuition instead of loud hip-hop and dancing.

    Every bathroom experience is now less magical because of the super saturation of the once scarce soap.

    Because of the selfish administration, I will never again enter the bathroom of a fancy restaurant (TGI Friday’s, perhaps) with the hope of enjoying the wonder and amazement that is foam soap.

    Washing my hands with foam soap used to be a beautiful time of inner peace and self reflection, but now it is a bored, mercenary task.

    Sure, we have foam soap now, but really, what’s the point?

    Chalk this one up on the bathroom stalls as one more self-serving, backward move by the University.