Student Senate responds to letter

By Katie Hamilton

I would like to respond to Ms. Katzman’s letter in which she alleges that the Illinois Student Senate has taken “excessive and misdirected” actions in reaction to the stereotype party where Katzman’s friend dressed as a Nazi. Not only is Katzman quick to judge, she is vastly mistaken in her statements regarding the actions of ISS. To date, ISS has engaged in the open discussion of a proposed resolution brought forth by three senators and the Cultural and Minority Student Affairs Committee. To clarify, this resolution does not seek to “ban all costume, stereotype, or otherwise themed parties” or extend punishment to party participants, as Katzman asserts; rather, the resolution simply states that ISS supports the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Office of the Dean of Students, the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, and various multicultural organizations in encouraging discussion on promoting a diverse and welcoming environment. Had Katzman gotten her facts straight, she would have understood that these have been the only actions on behalf of ISS in regards to the stereotype party, and that they in no way impinge on the rights of students.

There are standards at this university, and ISS seeks to uphold them to the highest degree with the students’ interests always in mind. I would hope Ms. Katzman does not have a problem with that.

Katie Hamilton

Press Secretary, Illinois Student Senate

Senator, College of Communications

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