Ticket procedure inconsiderate of students

Ticket procedure inconsiderate of students

I am an alumnus and a parent of a student who is a season football ticket holder. You can tell that the decision makers for bowl game ticket distribution didn’t have any consideration for “students” when they devised their plan. It is extremely foolish to ask students to get in line on a Monday morning at 9 a.m. the week before final exams. You’re asking students to make a value judgment between the allure of the opportunity to go to the Rose Bowl versus facing academic consequences of missing class(es) the week before finals.

A better way would have been to have a lottery which creates windows of opportunity to pick up a number and to subsequently purchase tickets. However, now that the plan has been published, there’s no going back.

As an alumnus and a current parent of a UI student, I’m very disappointed the University created this dilemma for the student body.

Edward Jacobi, Jr.

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    University alumnus